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The comics will be like the rounds of "SoulCalibur" but it will be brief and fierce. The characters won't fight, but instead will be having fun doing something exciting like Fucking! This comic will feature slut chicks servingup their boyfriends' hard cocks various ways, with a funny twist.

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Danganball Kanzen Mousou Han 01

Todayyou will see how sexy Bulma plays pranks on a prankster. He lured the girl to the beach and sprayed her with water. Bulma is dressed and Od sees her big boobs. Od is close and begins caressing them. Then she licks hertight cunt. The boy could not resist and put his bolt into it. He then put the girl on her knees, and began to fuck the girl hard. The girl instantly starts to cry and wriggles. Then the guy places his dick into Bulma's sexy and then sucks her. A couple in love

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Naru Enjoy 3

Now you're ready to see the exploits of the hottie with the bust from Naruto. This insatiable bitch will show you all her fun and fucking delights. The first part of her show will show you how a good blow-up is made. While she suckers your cock, you will be shocked by how large she is. Then she will undress and strip off all of her clothes. She will amaze you with her stunning body. Get ready for some hardcore action!

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Shintaku no Kairou

There are numerous traditions and rituals happening in SoulCalibur’s shadowy world once the sun goes down. Theycan range from hard fights to fucking that is hardcore. Let’s hope that such beautiful girl like Cassandra is ready to face any challenge and that she won’t go back, no matter how many or how large of a weapon she’ll be faced with this evening!

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Casamani 0

Cassandra is trying to present herself as a skilled and successful fighter, but the first thing that people see is that she’s gorgeous blonde with round tits! Luckily enough this story does not concern any SoulCalibur competitions, so she doesn’t have to prove anything, all she needs to do is to put her beautiful assets to effective use!

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Fallen Angels [milk hall] [Soul Calibur]

There are girls in videogames that fight who are less terrified when going into battle than they’re entering sexual relationships. One of them is Cassandra but you can be sure – at the end of this comics , she will be stepping over herselfand with some assistance from her big sister (and some of the hottest guys) she will begin to enjoy of getting hard sexually pampered and getting a little sexy!

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Sob Of A Restless Soul [Anglachel] [Soul Calibur]

When big boobs meet multiple tentaclesthe result of the battle is expected – another sexy hottie will get fucked really hard in all of her sweet and wet holes! Even if the girl is a professional fighter such as Cassandra Alexandra from “SoulCalibur” series, the result will be the same. Be assured that other hot women from the same videogame could find themselves in the exact same situation!

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Nippon Onna Heroine

Everyone is tested in the “SoulCalibur world” and Taki’s battle will be very difficult because her opponent has a distinct combination of abilities and is… very cute! If he manages to win this battle then there’s a great possibility for Taki to become his own sex toys! Since this comic is a hentai parody the winnerof the fight is kinda evident.

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Soul Survivor [ReDrop] [Soul Calibur]

Welcome to the world of “SoulCalibur” where sexy Ivy and gorgeous Sophitia will battle one another once more, but this time , their fight will not be on the field of battle because this time they will be partcipants in a competition that is different in nature – they will show which is more likely to bring more cocksto cum! In addition, there will be appearances by other hot SC ladies!

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Soul Impact [Bakuretsu Fusen] [Soul Calibur]

Ivy and Taki – two rivals from the world of “SoulCalibur” videogame series. They both look curvy and sexy in their latex suits so even the fight of these two always looks hot and intense… and now just imagine how hot and intense would be the act of hardcore lesbian love between these two! Actually screw the imagination – you can enjoy all the kinky details in this very comics!

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