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Soul Impact [Bakuretsu Fusen] [Soul Calibur]

Ivy and Taki – two rivals from the world of “SoulCalibur” videogame series. They both look curvy and sexy in their latex suits so even the fight of these two always looks hot and intense… and now just imagine how hot and intense would be the act of hardcore lesbian love between these two! Actually screw the imagination – you can enjoy all the kinky details in this very comics!

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Mitami Sai V

When Cassandra from “SoulCalibur” was born with an enormous stomach, she transformed from a fighter to a slut and tonight she’ll gladly attempt to make the same transformation with her lovely friend Sophitia! She will not be doing this on her own, but will be doing it with a few big-cocked dudes. Cassandra might give birth following all the sexual sex she’s experienced in this particular situation.

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Uterus Complex 1

This is a tense tale about Sophitia gorgeous blonde woman who must defend her loved ones from the bad people who surround her. The people who are so awful will forget everything if they have the opportunity to see Sophitia in person. The problems may begin when there’ll be a whole bunch of these pervs willing to fuck Sophitia…

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Ninjas Ninjas Ninjas

Three ninja girls are having an identical mission… and of course they are going to share the relax time also! This hentai parody will focus onthe three women having fun each other since it’s a hentai-themed parody! So if you’ve ever wondered how Shihouin Yoruichi from “Bleach” is going to make Rachel from “Ninja Gaiden” horny and together they’ll seduce Taki of “SoulCalibur” You are welcome!

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While this hentai parody comics is in japanese languageyou may still want to read it becasue of a few intriguing aspects. There are lot of images of huge tits, rough sex , and an added bonus for who love sweet and slutty chicks in nylons! Oh, and it is inspired by characters from the “SoulCalibur” universewhich also may be quite interesting for some of you.


Soul Influence Vol.2

The usual martial arts instruction did not go according to the plan. The master’s apprentice disappointed. She decides to punish the student. To do this, the brunette ties the blonde’s hands with ropes, and fixes her body with belts. The brunette then pulls at the blonde’s pants and begins to kiss her cunt. After that, she presses her fingers against the clitoris and makes the blonde scream with pleasure. After that, the brunette is able to smack the blonde with an enormous strap. Let’s start browsing this comic.

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